Imagine is a city bike, discrete in form but exquisite in craftsmanship. It is made by the same principles and technologies used in shipbuilding.

Imagine is crafted out of the handpicked and carefully inspected pieces of wood. Its monocoque construction is reinforced with glass fiber and epoxy, and then finalized with several coats of finishing layers. Imagine is solid, yet elegant and sophisticated bicycle. It is light, swift and easy to handle. The high-level of vibration absorption makes the ride smooth. It is very quiet, almost stealthy. It transforms cycling into completely new experience and great pleasure.

Frame size

Frames are custom size and made to order. Building one is a four week long process. Several material options are available. Combination of wood and quality composite materials results in a strong frame, great riding characteristics and vibration absorption.
  A B C D E F G H
  Actual Frame size Head Angle Seat Angle Top Tube Head Tube Chain Stay Wheel Base Standover Height
  cm deg deg cm cm cm cm cm
S 46.5 72.0 73.5 53.5 13.5 40.5 97.4 74.2
M 50.0 73.0 73.0 55.5 15.0 40.5 98.0 76.5
L 55.5 73.0 72.0 58.5 18.5 40.5 100.1 80.5
XL 58.5 73.0 72.0 60.5 20.0 40.5 102.1 82.3
Guideline dimensions. Frames can be suited to exact customer preference.
Please choose your style between several available options of high quality wood. Every piece we use for crafting our bicycles is handpicked and carefully inspected. Only the best ones can go into further production.

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